About Me

IMG_4466Hi! I’m Rachel.  A lot my friends call me Red.  I love a good adventure and any excuse to put together a cute outfit!  My favorite thing to do in a new city is walk around the neighborhoods to see how the locals live.  I also enjoy a good stare out the window on a long bus ride.  In LA you can usually find me at work (I’m an account executive for a women’s clothing line), on a hike or checking out a new restaurant.  Also, I always make time for my TV shows!  I’m a little obsessed with The Bachelor and Big Brother and recently discovered the magic of Game of Thrones.  Lastly, I’m a bit of a goofball at times because I love to make people laugh.

IMG_0066While I have had trouble in the past fully committing to the theme of this blog, I think it is time. I used to give quirky tips about fashion in the form of rules that sounded like etiquette. Then I used it to share stories about traveling abroad. Briefly I thought I was really on to something when I decided to be a sarcastic, worldly party girl. One of the only things I can honestly say is still true from how I described myself in 2009 is “twenty-something,” and that will only be true until December!

I am realizing these 8 years of on-and-off blogging have been a time about trying new things and learning where I fit in best. After changes in friendships, break-ups and new jobs, my blog has been there waiting through it all. Finding confidence and passion and striving for success was key. Life is a bumpy road for some, including myself, and I often wonder how others make it look easy, however, I know now every one puts in their time one way or another. I am glad I have taken advantage of this time in my life to have fun and enjoy many experiences, and I am SO excited for what’s ahead.

IMG_1251Here’s to keeping things cheeky!

♥ Rachel



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