Hike of the Week: Hollywood Sign

My mom was visiting from Sacramento last weekend, so of course, I had to take her one of my favorite hikes through the Hollywood Hills!


The Hollywood Hills are so expansive that there are actually many variations of this trail.  For today’s guide, a good place to start is Beachwood Market on the corner of Beachwood Drive and Belden Dr.  Also, a good place to grab a quick snack and some water before or after your venture.  This is a moderate hike on a combination of paved but hilly roads, rocky wide trails and narrow grassy paths. You will not only get a great view of the Hollywood sign, but also a really cool tour of the neighborhood!  The locals (including Eric) will hate me for sharing this secret but I love this walk so much.  I have to share!

Head west on Belden until Flagmoor Pl where you’ll turn left. This road will turn into Durand where you’ll continue straight.  Before long, you’ll find a white castle-like house on your right and a trail head just after it.  This is Wetona Dr and Charlie’s favorite part because no leash!  Follow the path around the hill to the right.  It will turn into Mulholland Hwy but there are no signs to say that.  IMG_0669

Around the bend, you’ll see a beautiful mansion (once owned by Madonna) up overlooking the LA reservoir. Continue past it and fight the temptation to trespass up the never ending driveway.  The path will widen and spit you back out onto the paved road.


Follow Canyon Lake Drive around until Innsdale Dr. where you’ll find a trailhead that looks like this:IMG_0675

This was Eric’s (and Charlie’s) first time meeting by mom (eek!), and by the looks of this picture, they hit it off just fine 🙂


me: tank & leggings: Fablectics (both on sale!)  shoes: Ascis / mom: top Oneworld 

Around the bend you’ll find the best spot in town to snap a pic of the Hollywood sign. Right before this picture was taken, a lady stopped us to ask if we’d seen any snakes yet today?  WHY do I literally have the worst luck with snakes?! She then proceeded to tell us how she and her husband had seen one the day before, and we should really watch out and with every word I died inside a little bit more.  Luckily, we made it through the rest of the trail snake-free, but I know they’re out there.. waiting for me…


You’ll end up out on Mulholland again.  Follow it down to Heather Dr and then to Ledgewood drive which will take you all the way back to Beachwood and back to start!  There is a map below with the route highlighted, just in case my directions were wonky.IMG_0678

Please be respectful of the neighborhood and watch out for cars on the narrow streets.  Also, let me know if you try this route and how you like it!

hollywood sign trail



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