West Hollywood: Delilah

Delilah is West Hollywood’s newest hot spot.  This reservation only, bar and lounge will transport you back to the roaring 20’s with its romantic lighting and swanky interior design.


The restaurant opens promptly at 6:30 PM and not a minute earlier.  The cool people don’t get there until after dark anyway though. The outside is pretty nondescript and if the address looks familiar, you were probably an early 90’s clubber. We actually almost walked right by it because Eric had been to the location once before during its previous use as Sin-A-Matic club! You’ll have to ask him that story yourself because I’m not repeating it here! 🤐delilah full couple

Once inside, pictures are prohibited!  At first, I was a bit annoyed by this rule, but I think it may have only been because I got caught.  While waiting at the host stand to be seated, I turned to snap a pic of the LaLaLand-esque lounge and my flash was on.  It felt like it lit up the entire room which was embarrassing enough already.  I tried to quickly pull my phone down, but a busboy came running over to tell me no pictures allowed. 🙈  Please learn from me and save yourself this same humiliation!!

delilah back

Twelfth St by Cynthia Vincent (on sale here!)

We were seated near the bar at a row of tables for two.  A plush velvety bench on one side and a chair on the other. The food was great and the portions not as tiny as expected.  We shared the vegetable purses, I ordered the lemon pepper Swordfish with a glass of rose and he got the salmon. There is a two-hour limit for sitting at your table, however, then you can move to the bar. There is live music and dancing as the night goes on as well.

delilah front

shoes: shoedazzle (more colors available here!)

delilah eric

He learned this pose from The Bachelorette  #therollingbooger

delilah couple

We had so much fun on our fancy date night.  Hope you get the chance to enjoy it too!

For menu, directions and reservations, visit delilahla.com !

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