Hike of the Week: Rocky Peak

After a week of city life with 12 hour work days in heels and 5 hours sleep nights in a hotel bed, I was ready for a long hike in some fresh air to jump-start my mind and body.  Rocky Peak trail in Simi Valley did just the trick.

The trail was a moderate difficulty level.  I was huffing and puffing and sweating just a tiny bit more than my boys but in a good way. It’s crazy what a week of not exercising at all can do! rocky peak trailhead

rocky peak boys

We went early on Saturday morning and it was a bit gloomy out but the view was still spectacular and the wildflowers helped to brighten things up.

rocky peak view

rocky peak yellow flowersrocky peak purple flowers

There were quite a few other hikers on the trail, including quite a few mountain bikers, but it was not crowded.  One trail hog I was glad to NOT see was rattle snakes!  I’m sure they were out there, we actually overheard one of the bikers saying he saw a few, but luckily (for me) they stayed out of my way!

The trail is easy to follow, there are even a couple of signs to direct you.  The other side of this sign pointed to Hummingbird Trail which we will have to try another time!  rocky peak sign

With no end in sight, we decided to turn around at about 3 miles (tracked on our phones, there were no mile markers that we saw).  It looked like the path continued on for quite some time if you are up for a longer adventure though.  We did about 6 miles round trip!

rocky peak bench

rocky peak couplerocky peak tree

The trail is mostly dirt with some sand (idk how it got there!) and some big rocks. Going down was a lot harder than going up and my pedicure got messed up because of my toes jamming into the front of my shoes! I wore Nike running shoes but I think sturdy hiking shoes like my Asics trail runners would have been better.

rocky peak merocky peak leash

Leashes required for dogs! Funny hats not required for hikers.

Directions from LA: Go North on I-405 or I-5 until Highway 118 W.  Exit Rocky Peak Road. Turn right to trail head.

Parking: There are a few spots right in front of the trail head.  If that is full, drive across the bridge to the other side of the highway for overflow.

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”

John Muir


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